Personal and Professional Development (recent Roehampton graduates only)

A course designed exclusively for Roehampton graduates seeking to bolster their graduate level employability and make effective longer term career plans

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(PGCert.) Personal and Professional Development (recent Roehampton graduates only)

Degree Duration

1 year :

Part time


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Degree Overview

The programme is aimed at alumni from all disciplines, providing you with an opportunity to rethink and refocus your career aspirations and goals with support from a range of professionals both within and outside the University. Roehampton has a long, proud tradition of supporting students into graduate level work and this programme offering is a further step in this tradition.

The programme focusses on the development and enhancement of the high-level skills and competencies expected to pursue a graduate level career within the rapidly changing global workplace. It builds on the skills that you developed on your undergraduate degree and aims to empower you to find graduate employment in professions that you may not have previously considered. This PG Cert will help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to do this.

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You may incur additional costs during your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources

Why Study this Degree

Excellent preparation for job hunting graduate level roles

Flexible online delivery allows you to fit your studies around other commitments