Physiology and Molecular Biology

Physiology is the study of how living systems work. An understanding of how the body works and responds to everyday challenges is essential before determining what goes wrong in disease and developing new treatments and guidelines for managing health and wellbeing.

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MSc (Hons) Physiology and Molecular Biology

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15 months :

3 months pathway + 1 year degree

18 months :

6 months pathway + 1 year degree


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Degree Overview

The MSc Physiology and Molecular Biology programme at Bradford is focussed on studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the function of organs and systems that underpin the integrated function and behaviour of the whole animal, both in health and in disease.

A particular focus of this programme is the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms that are responsible for a variety of prevalent human diseases. The programme uses this background knowledge to develop an understanding of the approaches being taken to develop the rationale for new therapeutic interventions and treatments for the future.

A key feature of the programme is the coverage of the theoretical knowledge relating to a broad range of human diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, heart failure and arthritis. This is coupled with laboratory training in molecular biology research methods that precedes an independent experimental research project aimed at developing new insights and strategies for treating disease to improve human health. Consequently, graduates in MSc Physiology and Molecular Biology are well equipped with the scientific knowledge and the accompanying practical skills necessary to enter the employment market in a number of specialist fields, both in the public and the private sectors, particularly in industries allied to hospitals, universities, healthcare and diagnostics laboratories, as well as those affiliated to government and other institutions.

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  • You may incur additional costs in the course of your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources.

Why Study this Degree

You will be allocated a personal tutor who is someone with whom you will be able to talk about any academic or personal concerns. There are time-tabled personal tutorial hours per week throughout the academic year, including feedback sessions for all assignments and group/individual projects.

The start of the research project is prefaced with a generic training period that incorporates a range of key transferrable skills such as literature searching, health and safety training and project planning. The research project itself offers an extended period of specialist training in research methods and experimental design. This is coupled with training in the use of appropriate statistical methods to enable a detailed analysis of the research data, and is followed by guidance on the interpretation and contextualisation of the experimental findings.

Your Pathways

The Pre Masters Program will prepare you for the UK, EU or US study system, giving you the confidence and skills that you’ll need to go further in your studies. Depending on your academic qualification and English language level and chosen programme, you can study the IIM over one or two terms.

What’s the difference between the one or two terms?
One Term Two Terms
3 months of study Six months of study
Additional academic English and subject-related support


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